” Tattoos accept by all?”

Here visiting Beany Simners Secret Society Tattoo Studio in Manchester we get Beany to answer a few questions about the studio name and the studio ethos. Shot on a Canon C300 Mk1 and B-roll footage on a Nikon D810. Our friends at IL Media edited this short film and added the sound track, thanks Isaac.

Beany Simner at Secret Society Tattoo Studio MCR

” I have to admit, Beany is a friend and after having a tattoo designed by her, I thought it’d be great to film at her studio near Manchester City football ground. Ben was kind enough to let me film his session. It’s such a cool space filled with lots of art inspired pieces. Obviously, I arrived with Jaffa cakes as she has the most amazing section of tea’s…good-old Yorkshire tea for me! “

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