Iain Klieve

freelance photographer & photoshop retouching


2018 - Present

Iain Klieve Photographer - Sole trader

Taking the leap into working for yourself as a freelance professional commercial photographer and Photoshop retoucher.

2008 - 2018

Studio 3000 Ltd

Photographer on location and in the 1500sq ft studio. Shooting products &  services, building and photographing room sets. Work includes press, event & PR work for the armed forces, RICS and business to business sectors. Within a small company the role encompassed all areas of administration, client liaison and costing. Varied work sectors include;construction, commercial property, leisure, fine chemical production, pharmaceuticals, print lamination & lensing, catalogue work, education, kitchen and bathrooms.  work in the EU, USA and Israel.

2005 - 2008

Iain Klieve Photography

First period as a sole trader continuing working for many clients including specialising in chrome and steel photography for the bathroom and kitchen sectors.

1987 - 2005

Focal Design Studios

Stepping up from photographic assistant to full time photographer and then studio manager. Setting up an in-house commercial studio employing three professional photographers and admin staff. Varied work on location and in the studio, clients included; Laing Construction, Key Lekkerland, Astra Zeneca, GSK, Remington, Abode Home products, CWS Ltd and Federal Mogal.


  • www.iainklieve.co.uk
  • iainklieve@mac.com
  • 07391 039 289
  • 01298 815 504



“Still interested in the reproduction of imagery and continue to seek out and learn new techniques and skills. Quite a perfectionist but able to draw a line when time or cost require compromises. Enjoying using my hands to build things, Lego and Mecanno as a kid, now skilled at DIY which helps as a commercial studio photographer. Doing as much as possible in front of the lens, yes i still use a blower brush! Using Photoshop as a tool to understand exactly what frames needed to create the shot. Happy to shoot cut-outs or advertising work – I am a product photographer’


Passes driving test and continues to hold a clean driving license


Becomes a grandad for the first time


Passes full motor cycle license


Photoshop CC 95%
Product Photography 96%
Productivity 87%
Brewing 85%
Set Building 90%


  • www.iainklieve.co.uk
  • iainklieve@mac.com
  • 07391 039 289
  • 01298 815 504

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